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Visiting Your Doctor More Dangerous Than Skydiving?

It always strikes me as self-serving when doctors and pharmaceutical companies plant news stories about the health risks and ghastly side effects of the nutrition that makes life possible.  Incredible.

The Hypocrisy of the Medical/Pharmaceutical Community

What makes it worse is that those doing the fault finding are part of the medical/pharmaceutical industry the practice of which not only saves many lives, but also is directly responsible for killing large numbers of Americans.

The adverse effects of pharmaceutical drugs, medical mistakes, and infections caused by hospitals is the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

  1. Annual heart disease deaths: 696,900
  2. Annual cancer deaths: 580,000
  3. Annual deaths caused by the medical/pharmaceutical system: 357,000. (Journal of the American Medical Association; July 26, 2000 – vol. 284, No. 4; National Academy of Sciences)

This seems shocking, but it is absolutely true, and we need to consider it seriously. There are 119 deaths per 100,000 population caused by medical treatment compared to 15.3 deaths per 100,000 from auto accidents; 10.3 from firearms, and 0.132 for airline accidents.

The medical community kills 119 people for every 100,000 while stroke kills 53.5, and diabetes kills 25.3 for every 100,000.

Some Perspective

We put up with the delays, pat-downs, feel-ups, wanding, going barefoot and more at airports in order to avoid being killed by a terrorist when your risk of being killed by your doctor is 901 times more likely.

Yes, the medical/pharmaceutical community saves, or makes better millions of lives each year.  But the cost is very high in terms of dollars but also in terms of lives lost in the “practice” of medicine.  And it is much more risky than skydiving.  You are afraid to skydive and would never take such a dangerous risk – besides your life insurance would skyrocket; yet deaths per 100,000 among skydivers in the U.S. is 0.99!  Trusting the medical community is 99 times more risky than skydiving – if you plan on staying alive.

Vioxx alone – a drug created by Merck and approved by the FDA – caused as many as 100,000 hospitalizations, 27,785 heart attacks and strokes, and possibly as many as 10,000 to 15,000 deaths in the U.S. alone.  Billions of dollars of profit for Merck; hundreds of $millions spent to care for the people they ruined; thousands of destroyed families.  Real people no longer with us; parents whose children are left to mourn.

Contrast this with the fact that there are no deaths at all from the use of essential nutrients as supplements – vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, protein, and necessary sugars.  None.


The medical/pharmaceutical industry which kills some 357,000 people a year goes on news shows and attempt to lecture you and create fear among people who purchase the nutrients that are essential for life?  What is that?

The only answer I can think of is that doctors and pharmaceutical companies use their ill-gotten public trust to keep selling services and products for large sums that frequently don’t work in order to prevent people from purchasing services and products that do.

Misleading The Public On Natural Health Benefits

Ever notice how misleading a headline can be when you actually read the article?

This came to mind today as I read this headline, Study: More omega-3 fats didn’t aid heart patients.

The headline left out a few particulars:

1. People in the study had already had heart attacks

2. Study subjects only used ‘enhanced omegs-3 spreads’ instead of butter or margarine

3. The subjects only had “a little increase” in their omega-3 intake

4. No specific amount of omega-3 was used by each person to measure efficacy

5. They were not eating more fish that contain omega-3

6. They were not supplementing with omega-3 capsules

7. They had not been using lots of omega -3 throughout their lives

So you have a sick population of test subjects who have not been taking care of their health throughout life, give them a tiny bit of omega-3-  if they happen to put an ‘enhanced spread’ on their toast - and when they don’t get healthy, you write the headline, Study: More omega-3 fats didn’t aid heart patients.

What’s the conclusion you reach when you only read the headline?  Eating Salmon, Mackerelk, or Tuna 2-3 times a week; or supplementing with ultra pure Omega-3 essential fatty acids have no benefit, so why go to the trouble.

What’s the result of your conclusion?  Increased risk for heart attack along with a number of other maladies related to insufficient intake of the essential fatty acid – Omega-3.

When you want real unbiased  information on what’s good for you, read the Davies Report.  No fluff, no commentary, just live links to the information that shows why you should not blindly trust the “health care industry;” and how solid information about nutrition can change and save your life.

No End Of The Benefits Of Probiotics

Two new links at www.daviesreport.com show the benefits of probiotics.

Probiotics In Pregnancy Show Diabetes, Birth Weight Benefits shows that gestational diabetes sometimes experiences by pregnant moms-to-be is significantly lowered through the sue of probiotics by the pregnant mom. In addition, the study showed that the mothers experienced improved blood glucose metabolism.

Following the women and their babies until early childhood, the researchers found that babies born to the women using probiotics were much less likely to be overweight at birth making for an easier birth process; and lowering the risk of obesity later in life.

In another study – Probiotics – New Answer To Multiple Sclerosis? -  researchers found that there is a connection between gut bacteria and Multiple Sclerosis.  The study focuses on mice, but found that mice bred to develop MS did not do so when they were treated with appropriate probiotics; developed MS when their gut flora were changed, and then had the symptoms of MS reduced when good bacteria were reintroduced into their guts.

Check out these reports and much more at www.daviesreport.com.  Get the daily information that gives you the power to make life-changing decisions about your health.  Reliable, accurate, up to date.

Is The FDA Looking Out For You?

Yesterday, a panel convened by the FDA to look at evidence that the popular – and very profitable – Diabetes Type-2 drug Avandia is dangerous and should be taken off the market.  With a complex series of votes 18 members of the panel voting that Avandia might up the risk of heart attack, six saying they weren’t concerned about a raised risk, and nine saying they were unsure, the panel determined Avandia should stay on the market.

What most people don’t know is that when the Food and Drug Administration convenes this kind of panel, they invite participants who are expert in various areas that bear on the decision to be made, and that most of the time, that means experts who serve as paid consultants for the companies who manufacture the product under investigation!

Recently the FDA declared that by 2013, they would begin disclosing these financial conflicts of interest on the FDA website.  If you have ever visited their website, you will understand how convoluted any major governmental agency’s website really.  Don’t expect to be able to actually find the information about financial conflicts of interest there years from now when they promise they will make it public.

Pray tell me how the FDA can be relied upon for decisions about the safety of manufactured molecules that have never existed on earth, serve no purpose in human metabolism, and for which human life has no historical experience, when they invite people to make judgments about those molecules who are paid by the company that manufactures them?

If you were a paid consultant to a pharmaceutical company – GlaxoSmithKline in this case – and then you voted to take one of their hugely profitable drugs off the market would you expect that they would want to continue to pay you tens or hundreds of $thousands every year?  Of course not.  Would you be somewhat inclined to find reasons to keep the product on the market in order to keep your income?  Yes you would.

Avandia was first approved for use in the United States in 1999.  From 1999 until 2007 when reports first leaked out that the drug was increasing heart disease and heart attacks, GlaxoSmithKline made $3 billion in revenues every year from Avandia alone.  From 2007 to the present, revenues dropped to about 1.1 $billion a year making total sales of the drug of 24 $billion.  Do you think that a company with this kind of income from one drug can be trusted to always present the truth about whether or not it should stay on the market?  Do you think its paid consultants can be trusted to always tell the truth?  Should these paid consultants be trusted to make decisions about its continued sales?

Well.  Prior to the panel that just approved Avandia to stay on the market, we found that GlaxoSmithKline had been concealing studies showing the dangerous increase in heart problems caused by the drug!  Investigations show that corporate decisionmakers sent emails telling managers that the damaging information should never see the light of day.  But the FDA panel says the drug should stay on the market anyway.  Good enough for government work.

To keep informed about issues like this as well as positive information about how to help yourself with real ‘health insurance’ through sufficient nutrition, visit my site www.daviesreport.com often.  The reliable information you find there can change your life.

Health Care: America’s Number 1 Killer

Imagine for a moment that every other day, 7 days a week, 3  jumbo jets each carrying 540 people crashed somewhere in America killing everyone aboard.  Imagine that the companies who built the planes, the pilots who flew them, and the carriers who owned the planes continued on as if all is well.  Imagine if they all spent $billions to advertise the wonders of air flight, and how much better your life would be if you fly more often and pretended like none of us notice the crashes.

Now, imagine governmental regulators not investigating these crashes apparently believing this is an unfortunate but unavoidable side effect of commercial air travel preferring to do nothing.

Would you tell yourself that, yeah, there is some risk, but it sure is a faster way to get where I need to go, and besides, most jumbo jet flights don’t actually crash, and millions of people fly every year without getting killed; so I’ll just go ahead and purchase tickets for me and the kids?

I doubt it.

I’m being a bit unfair to the commercial airline industry, but I’m only using them to illustrate the problem.  On average every year in the United States, only 19 people die as a result of commercial airline crashes.

Every year, 99,000 people die just from infections they got while going into the hospital for treatment of some other condition.  (www.daviesreport.com, 99,000 People Die Each Year From Hospital Acquired Infections)  Add in medical mistakes – 98,000 -adverse drug reactions for properly prescribed medical drugs - 106,000 - non-hospitalized deaths from these same problems - 199,000 – and the situation becomes much worse.  Add some more deaths from unnecessary bed sores, and unnecessary procedures,and the number is staggering.

The total is 652,000, making the medical/pharmaceutical/healthcare industry the number 1 killer in the United States.  More than heart disease, 616,067, or cancer, 562,875.

Outsourcing your health and your family’s health to a collection of interest groups with this track record seems to me to be a mistake.  Credulous, unquestioning faith in these groups without some investigation on your part seems to be foolhardy.  When you purchase a car, you don’t trust the people selling it to you; you check things out; carfax, Consumer’s Report; you talk to people who have purcased the same vehicle you’re look at.  But when it comes to health care…?

I’m not suggesting that these deaths occur in the main because these people are grossly negligent; I am not suggesting that they purposely want people to be sick and die.  In fact, I know a number of physicians and nurses as well as medical technitions outside a doctor/patient relationship, and every single one I know is as shocked as I am with this information and as frustrated with the morass in which they have to care for their patients.  Many are leaving health care altogether.

But what do we constantly hear about in the news?  The dangers of vitamins, nutritional minerals, and herbs!  Scare tactics are even used by our government to frighten people about the use of nutritional supplements which help provide what is absolutely necessary for life and health, preferring instead for you to wait until you get sick and need a prescription, or surgery, or chemo, or radiation.

There are way too many people who have a financial interest in you not questioning recommended medical procedures.  Of course some people absolutely need life-saving surgeries (I’ve had a few myself) or prescriptions.  But most of the expense of medical care today is to ameliorate or mitigate or stimulate a problem created by the way we choose to live: insufficient nutrition, insufficient water, insufficient exercise, insufficient sleep; and a surfeit of food-like edible substances that bring us little or no nutrition, clog our arteries, make us fat, give us diabetes, and so on.  Virtually all of this could be avoided by getting yourself informed and making the commitment to look out after your own health.  Certainly get yourself checked out by a physician, get medical care when you injure yourself, get the necessary surgery; but start taking better care of yourself.  With the health care realities of today, the health care that will be available to you will diluted, delayed, or denied.

My ‘prescription’ for you is the go to www.daviesreport.com, look over the links, and check some of them out and get yourself educated.  Make the site one of your favorites and check it often.  It’s updated daily and brings you the latest information from reliable sources on what really helps you get healthy and stay healthy.

Casual Decisions About Food = Long Term Consequences

What should happen to a person whose activities result in lifelong debilitation of another person?  What if they caused a situation so bad that the other person could not exercise, had to have open heart surgery, constantly use medications, experienced a lowered IQ depriving him or her of pursuring all the options in life; and then they died long before the normal lifespan?

What if the person whose life was so impacted was you?  Would you want the person who reuined your life to be punished?  Whould you feel that they should contribute to the enormous costs you experience as a consequence of their actions?

Safe to say we would all want a person who did this to  pay; to be punished.

In a recent post – Mom’s Diet Determines Babies Health – on my website, www.daviesreport.com, I link to a study showing the importance of a pregnant woman’s diet on her child.  What the study shows is that the diet of pregnant mothers causes these kinds of problems in the lives of their children.

No, almost none of them do this purposely.  And of  they should not be criminally prosecuted.  They have unknowingly and innocently caused these things to happen to their own children because they are deprived of the information that would have made it different for their child.  If they had knows, they would have done things much differently.

How does this happen?

The so-called medical community have denigrated the importance of nutrition to the point that you would think you can eat almost whatever you like and there is not much consequence.  They have taken a dim view of nutrition for decades calling supplements “expensive urine,” and refer to those who suggest the use of vitamins, minerals, plant nutrientsand the like as quacks.  Instead, they trade their expertise for money, andmost of them receive payments from drug companies to prescribe only certain pharmaceuticals.

I’m not accusing the medical community of having no concern for your health, or the health of babies – in fact I think most of them care a great deal.  But you should know that doctors will only get paid by insurance companies if they take an approved approach to the treatment of any condition – if they do something else, they don’t get paid.  Who determines these protocols?  Almost universally, pharmaceutical companies who do all the creating, testing, and who also pay for FDA oversight corrupting the system.  Doctors and researchers who are paid by these companies frequently are also paid to be on the review boards for the FDA.  Can someone say, “conflict of interest?”

What I am saying is that recommending nutritional supplements for their patients, overseeing an appropriate diet, seriously urging a healthy lifestyle is usually not part of what they do.  The structure of the system militates against creating conditions of health and rewards treatments.  These professionals only make money when your health goes south – not when they participate in helping things to not go wrong in the first place. Check out my site, www.daviesreport.com, make it one of your favorites, and check it often.

You will find information that almost never makes the major headlines – they’re too busy with politics and insipid Hollywood personalities – neither of which improve your life a whit.  At the the site you will learn much about how to to control your health so you live a full, long, vibrant life.  Think about it, would you really rather outsource your life to someone else?  Someone who will never care about your life as much as you?  The information at the site can transform your life; and the lives of those you love.

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