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Misleading The Public On Natural Health Benefits

Ever notice how misleading a headline can be when you actually read the article?

This came to mind today as I read this headline, Study: More omega-3 fats didn’t aid heart patients.

The headline left out a few particulars:

1. People in the study had already had heart attacks

2. Study subjects only used ‘enhanced omegs-3 spreads’ instead of butter or margarine

3. The subjects only had “a little increase” in their omega-3 intake

4. No specific amount of omega-3 was used by each person to measure efficacy

5. They were not eating more fish that contain omega-3

6. They were not supplementing with omega-3 capsules

7. They had not been using lots of omega -3 throughout their lives

So you have a sick population of test subjects who have not been taking care of their health throughout life, give them a tiny bit of omega-3-  if they happen to put an ‘enhanced spread’ on their toast - and when they don’t get healthy, you write the headline, Study: More omega-3 fats didn’t aid heart patients.

What’s the conclusion you reach when you only read the headline?  Eating Salmon, Mackerelk, or Tuna 2-3 times a week; or supplementing with ultra pure Omega-3 essential fatty acids have no benefit, so why go to the trouble.

What’s the result of your conclusion?  Increased risk for heart attack along with a number of other maladies related to insufficient intake of the essential fatty acid – Omega-3.

When you want real unbiased  information on what’s good for you, read the Davies Report.  No fluff, no commentary, just live links to the information that shows why you should not blindly trust the “health care industry;” and how solid information about nutrition can change and save your life.

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