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No End Of The Benefits Of Probiotics

Two new links at www.daviesreport.com show the benefits of probiotics.

Probiotics In Pregnancy Show Diabetes, Birth Weight Benefits shows that gestational diabetes sometimes experiences by pregnant moms-to-be is significantly lowered through the sue of probiotics by the pregnant mom. In addition, the study showed that the mothers experienced improved blood glucose metabolism.

Following the women and their babies until early childhood, the researchers found that babies born to the women using probiotics were much less likely to be overweight at birth making for an easier birth process; and lowering the risk of obesity later in life.

In another study – Probiotics – New Answer To Multiple Sclerosis? -  researchers found that there is a connection between gut bacteria and Multiple Sclerosis.  The study focuses on mice, but found that mice bred to develop MS did not do so when they were treated with appropriate probiotics; developed MS when their gut flora were changed, and then had the symptoms of MS reduced when good bacteria were reintroduced into their guts.

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